March 8, 2012

Highlights from my SUITCASE!

My suitcase has been staring at me from the living room everyday. By the time I get home from school, do all my mommy stuff, and get things ready for the next day, there has been no time to even move the thing. So it talks to me. . . and taunts me. . . "Tomorrow's jeans day! There is no way you can get around it. You have to unpack me and do your laundry!"

When I started to go through my suitcase looking for a good pair of jeans I had an unexpected trip back to the convention.

 Here are some of the NAEA highlights from my suitcase.
We took this. . . 

and made this.
It's a lei, we learned from Hawaiian teachers. This is actually a material
used in many modern lei's.
WHAT I LEARNED: Anything strung on a rope is a lei.
A lei must be made and given with love. It holds the energy of the person who made it.
I think I will try making my next lei with PLASTIC BAGS! 

This is a map. . . 

This is also a map. This is the map I used to go to the FASHION DISTRICT.
WHAT I LEARNED: Mode Fabrics is closed on Sundays. The fabric and trim shops
gave me more ideas then Pinterest.
I bought some amazing patches and trim for some projects. . .
They weren't in my suitcase so I didn't photograph them trying to stay to true to my project.

This is a map of what I learned at the conference. 

This is glaze.
What I Learned: You have to wait for each coat of glaze dry very thoroughly before applying another.
I'm the girl who eats her brownies raw just because I don't want to wait for them to bake.
The thought of waiting never crossed my mind before.

Contraband soap.
What I Learned: Take more.

Ticket to MOMA.
What I Learned:  CINDY SHERMAN is amazing and amazingly grotesque.
Cindy thank you for reminding me to line the toilet seats and use my hand sanitizer.
If you have seen some of her work you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

This was a TASK I pulled out of the box at a TASK party.
What I Learned: TASK is a bunch of supplies, a bunch of people, and a bunch of creative challenges.
AND it was the first time since I was 10 years old that anyone's cleaned up after me!

The Astro Diner where Phyl from Dragon in my Art Room ate quick lunches between workshops.
What I Learned: If they don't have room for you they will make room.
They will seat you with anyone. A buck is a buck.
Where we met fellow blogger Rachel from
What I Learned: Rachel is a real person. She is really cool. 

This is an owl.
What I Learned: When someone tells me to trace an owl I have a silent protest.
I don't like owls and I don't like tracing.
I made a pair of boobs, by accident, but they are cool. 

This is a doodle with watercolor crayons.
What I Learned: Watercolor crayons feel amazing to doodle with AND you can make a monoprint with them. 

Mono print!

This is a worksheet How to make a hat.
It is also a paper airplane

By the way, hat making was my favorite. 

The consensus was I was not "allowed" to bring my camera.
I am that much of a scatter brain.
So here are some pics from my iPhone.
This is just as glimpse as my phone is usually dead.


not as boring as it looks.
A guy who has a photography class all about the food system.
They visit farms, meat processing plants etc. make installations of their photography near the food as it's being served.
The cows in the cafeteria where really amazing.
making a lei
Phyl and our new friend working hard on her
"dragon tail lei"

Phyl and fellow Blogger Mr. E
TASK workshop or KSA by the time we were done with it!

A whole lecture on the amazing contemporary art of cardboard!
Blogger Rachel signing Mr. E

A chance meeting.

Feeling uncomfortable standing in front of the Rousseau getting my picture taken,
I decided to become part of the painting.
Yes surprisingly this was less embarrassing.
I love this!
I thought it was Cindy Sherman's new work,
and I was really confused.

I had to photograph these luscious locks. . . I mean Van Gogh painting.
It became a theme to pose with the paintings throughout the museum.

I love the frame more then the painting.
Is that wrong to say?

Boogy Woogie Marcia, fellow blogger, she's real too!
Really cool.
The blogger formerly known as Vivid Layers.

Hi my name is Erica and I'm addicted to photographing my food.
Hi Erica!



Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm REALLY peeved that I couldn't go to NYC with you and Phyl....Your travels in photos really helped ease the pain though. You are so damn funny I think you should write a book called,"Musings by an Art Teacher/Mommy/Satirist".Two more observations, if I may:
1. I want to know how to make one of those COOL Lei's and
2.Hate tracing, hate being told what to draw, love the boobs!


Unknown said...

thanks Pat. Phyl is even nicer in person. . . she had to put up with me and my weirdness and sarcasm after all!

We wish you were there too!
Love your observation. . . If I showed you how to make the leis you would laugh. You basically just thread the string through a straw you wind the other end around the straw *forever* then push down and do it again. Sounds confusing but it's really simple.

Phyl said...

I was looking at my lei today and am still amazed and befuddled that it doesn't come unwound. But it doesn't and it was fun and easy.

Weirdness and sarcasm? I didn't notice; maybe because I'm pretty sarcastic myself? I'm glad you could put up with my indecision (which shoes, hair up or down, what time for lunch, should we stay in and eat cereal for dinner, etc) and other random neuroses (like do we really actually have a hotel room? Is there actually really an Art Project Girl?).

Meanwhile I have no kid at home to use as an excuse but I didn't empty my suitcase until yesterday. And mostly I emptied it into a laundry basket so it doesn't really count.

Holly B. said...

It looks like you had a great time at the conference. Wish I could have gone.

Marcia Beckett said...

I love that lei, it's very cool! I like how you documented everything you learned. :) I always take all the free soap and shampoo that I can.

Liz said...

Ohhhh I love the workshop about making art with cardboard. That one picture whet my appetite for more. I'm an art educator also, who is always searching recycling materials for projects for my students to engage at their homes.

Blessings and Smiles,