December 10, 2011

Easy Project You Can Do Tomorrow: Snow Forts!

As art teachers we need to help students access that creative imagination space. You know that feeling when you loose track of time and become totally absorbed in the creative process? This project did just that during a week when we all really needed a little time to escape into a creative space.

Here is a new spin on a classic paper sculpture lesson. 

Problem: you have 2D (flat) paper strips that you must make a 3D (pop up) fort out of. Your fort can have places to play, sleep, live but it must be 3D. How can you turn this flat paper into a 3D fort?

Here are some of their solutions. I did show them how to fold tabs to create a base for their forts. Can you tell my solution was an igloo? Many made igloos too. Some embellished with stairs, chimneys and slides.

Don't forget the "SNOW"! Batting, cotton balls anything soft works best!

Cotton Ball MOUSTACHE BREAK! Having a little fun in the art room:)


Penguins need ice. . . bring out the mirror paper Mrs. Stinz!

One penguin relaxes in a pond, the other in his cozy fort.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! We have snow on the ground here and I am going to do this with my kinders this week. Thanks!

Miss said...

These are lovely- almost abstract-like. Very free and expressive- I need to try more projects like these.

Katie said...

you saved my week before winter break! this lesson is a gift of creative genius! I'm expanding on it and K-1 will be making geometric snow castels in the style of paul klee for the second half of the project:) i'll post soon to share.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Brilliant idea! I've never seen anything like that.

Unknown said...

Klee snow castles sound awesome! I always think of the lion the witch and the wardrobe when I think of snow castles:) random comment I know!