November 19, 2011

Messages from Water?

Okay, I get a lot of messages texts, notes on my desk from 1st graders, but WATER?

You can buy it HERE.
There are more books, not sure which has the best pictures.
You have to check this book out if you need beautiful images of crystals for the winter season. I will definitely be using them as part of my radial symmetry project.

Summary: Japanese author Masaru Emoto does experiments freezing water from different sources, natural, city, etc. and examines it looking for crystal formations. He and his group do not see crystal formations in city water, but sees beautiful crystals in natural spring water. His group then experiments with sending positive messages to the water, in thought, written word, spoken word and music. Crystals begin to form and expand in this frozen water were none were before.

The water is also sent to help people with illnesses. This is where I get really skeptical. They send a picture or just give him their name and he puts it with the water and it somehow creates a molecular structure in the water to help heal the people? Am I hearing this right?

Do I believe that words and music carry vibrations? Yes. Do I believe that those vibrations can change molecular structures in both a positive and negative way? Yes. Do I believe the water he was observing responded this way. I'm not sure, but you won't find me praying over Stella's bottles! I don't see enough controls in the experiment to begin to believe it. Besides, the crystals grow when they get warmer anyways, right? I probably won't get into this philosophy with my classes but it is interesting.

I might just use some of his pretty pictures to go along with my SNOWFLAKE RADIAL SYMMETRY PROJECT.

What do you think about this experiment, fact or fiction?

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Phyl said...

Ummm I'm confused. Crystals from frozen water will MELT when the water gets warmer, and then there will be no crystal. I think. Does that make sense? Anyhow, it sounds like a lot of hooey to me. If I want some fantastical mumbo-jumbo with no scientific basis I'll read what my brother the astrologer/pseudo-magician is posting for the daily horoscope here: (Don't tell him what I said!!!)