May 23, 2011

Thank You!

 Here's a picture of Stella playing while mommy blogs. If you've noticed my blogs getting shorter, with more misspellings and more to the point. . .  it's because I am blogging with one hand now. The other is usually fishing for a lost binky or playing with little toes. I've stopped doing a lot of things since Stella came like watching T.V., washing my own floors, surfing the web, but blogging is something I love too much to give up.

So thanks for sharing your lessons even when I've been a bum blogger! 

Promise some more lesson plans coming soon!


Phyl said...

We night owls need to learn to get to bed at a reasonable hour. But I think it's highly unlikely I'm going to fix my bad habits at this point if I haven't yet.

Meanwhile, Stella just looks TOO cute! My 'baby' won't let me play with his toes. But he will let me put my feet on his lap when we're both on the couch, and doesn't get too annoyed when I pat him on his loopy-haired head.

Unknown said...

I know! I say I'm going to bed early everyday but it's the only time to myself! Your "baby" does have cute curly hair. Hope Stella keeps her waves... Gnight

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I don't have a rainstick, but I am trying out a tambourine in my class tomorrow.