November 28, 2010

Recycled Magazine Coil Bowl

I saw this Recycled Magazine Coil Bowl on one of your blogs and have been wanting to try it.  I think it will tie in beautifully with our Native American unit and Coil Pottery.  Does anybody remember what blog it is from? 
The inside is even more beautiful than the outside!

Magazines, Glue Sticks

Some Questions: 
What do you think this is made out of? 
How would you guess it made? Have you seen anything else made using this same process? 
What are some reasons artists might use recycled materials? 
Is this art useful and how can it be used? Do you know any other types of art that serve a purpose?

The Process:
I folded the papers into coils (I made mine 1 inch but I think smaller might be better). I fold the magazine page the long way and at the very top make a line of glue (so it won't unravel). The coils should be flat not round. 
To make the bowl, I coiled them like spirals and continued to glue, overlapping each one. This was a simpler process then the ideas I saw online and I think it still looks beautiful. 
You gradually move the paper coils up as you glue them.

I'll let you know how it goes over with my fifth graders. I tried it today, tried to think like a fifth grader (not easy for a pregnant thirty-year-old, as an art teacher I have a good imagination) and had FUN making it. Crossing my fingers that it's something they enjoy. I feel like this fifth grade needs a repetitive group project to connect with each other so I think this is the one. Cross your fingers for me or roll up some papers yourself and tell me what you think!

This took me two hours.


tishalou said...

I am working on recycled mag coils project too! I got some cool ornaments from a bazaar at my school and have been thinking of shapes and uses the kids would like. I like this one:
which could be great for the kids whose hands can't get a tight coil. And I just like the variation. I made one the shape of a dove - I will be posting about it soon. I was working on my school calendar last night and some classes I will see 4x and some only 3 before holiday break so I am thinking this would be a great little holiday treat for those that finish what we are working on. It can also be taught as a variation of quilling.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

Looks like fun. I did a google search for magazine bowl blogspot and found several sites. A Little Hut and Oranges to Apples look promising. Maybe that is what you are looking for. Good luck!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Nice! Someone at VAEA this month had lesson plans for that.

Phyl said...

I remember seeing at least a couple of posts on these bowls, and I tried them too. One post had them cut diagonally from magazines, and another used tape to hook pieces together both of which seemed impractical. I did mine kind of like yours, but found it wasn't too easy. What kind of glue did you use? I had trouble getting it to hold together with Elmers and also had trouble with the folded magazine pieces rolling into a circle. So I haven't tried it with kids yet. What am I doing wrong??

Phyl said...

Oh - just found one of the posts where I first saw it - which uses BOTH diagonals and tape... It's at Art Projects for Kids:

Unknown said...

Tishalou COOL! I like the idea of changing the project up for kids who have trouble. I was thinking that groups of two or three would be good with my students because a lot will need help to get started. Can't wait to see your bowls.
FineLines: I checked those out. It was someone who is regularly comments on our blogs. . . I feel bad I can never remember where all the ideas come from there are so many great blogs out there now.

Phyl said...

and here's the other one, which suggests not to use Elmer's but doesn't say what glue TO use.

Unknown said...

I used a glue stick. I'll have to make a diagram of the places I glued it basically up two sides, fold and roll until you get to the top then a line of glue stick at the top. Then I coiled it around and made another one. I overlapped each one a little bit glueing it to the last one. I think it was easy, I wouldn't try it with the kids if I had trouble, but you just never know!

I saw people using glue guns, tape and crazy stuff. Too complicated. This way all you need is magazines and glue sticks (I didn't even use scissors just ripped the pages out) The bowl is VERY sturdy. I might put some modge podge over the top or have a kid help me do that.

Phyl said...

I'll have to try it again. We're about to use our magazines for surreal collages, but I have a zillion and would love to use some up.

dPearce said...

Please keep us posted on how it goes with your 5th graders.... I am a new art teacher and would love to try it out on mine :-)

Lisette said...

I did these with my 3rd grade after school class and they turned out nice. We did use tape, although I think the glue sticks would be an improvement--thanks for the idea! We mod-podged the whole thing when we were done. They looked great!

Anne Farrell said...

I've made these before but only for myself - you may have recently seen them here at Lessons from the Art Room?

Kati said...

I have been wanting to try this forever. Also, my magazine drawer is overflowing at the moment. Now where to fit this in?

Anonymous said...

I saw this project on the "For Love of Art" blog.

Anonymous said...

Oops...that was "For the Love of Art" blog.