June 5, 2014

The New Common Core Standards for the Arts

It's late I know. Tomorrow is a big day filled with visitors to our school and our WILD THING play. But I just found out the new COMMON CORE standards for the arts were released. Thought I'd share quickly.

We should discuss this later. I think the standards are great. . . it's just when they try to make a standardized assessment that everything goes sour! Our kids are all so different across the state it's just completely unrealistic. Not to mention our teaching loads! I will be spending about 10 hours this weekend simply inputting around 5,000 grades into Power School. It is the most AWESOME part of my job. But they don't call it work for nothing! Right?

Let's just make sure we talk about these standards and keep the kids (and people who actually work with children) as the benefactors of these standards, not the victims with more endless testing. I'm all for best practices, but against big companies filling their pockets by making us fill in more bubbles!

Let me know what you think! I'm always interested in your take on things.

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Katie Morris said...

We talked about this today at the KAEA board meeting. The KSDE Fine Arts Consultant told us that they are not affiliated with "common core" but the core is in there to show that the arts are a "core" subject. I thought that was an interesting distinction... I also like the new standards. I like the direction they are going and hope that my state decides to adopt them.