May 14, 2012

Every Trick in the Book: Tip #4

Sometimes. Sometimes. It's all about attitude. Not the kids attitude but OUR attitude. Let's face it, adolescents have a million attitudes and no trick in the book will ever change that! But our attitude is the one we CAN change.

Turn on the music in the morning, especially right when you get to work in the classroom. Put on that song that you can't possibly sit still for. Whether you're cleaning or dancing, music is the quickest way to change the mood. Take an hour and make a mix for you or the students. It will change your day I promise.

This is me and Stella the other morning. I'm especially proud that I learned some skills of how to format in Photoshop. It doesn't seem like it would be hard (especially being a photo major) but I'm out of touch and it took me a minute! Love the tryptics. . . don't be surprised if you see more tryptics cropping up on the blog:)


Phyl said...

When I put on music in the classroom I like to tell the kids they HAVE to dance if they need to get up for anything - dance their way to the sink, the pencil sharpener, etc. They love it!

It's so funny when I put on unfamiliar music and they say "that sounds like it's from (some random crazy country) when in fact it is American music, or vice versa. Then there's always the kid who says "Do you have any AC/DC? (Yeah right. I don't think so.)

Unknown said...

Love.To. Dance.!!!The ringtone on my cell is the Scissor Sister's, "I Feel Like Dancing!" and when it rings (rarely....)the kids start chair dancing! :)

Unknown said...

Love that Phyl! I get the AC/DC thing which cracks me up oookaaayy!

Pat, I think we could have some crazy dance parties.