May 16, 2012

Easy Clay Project: Chancletas!

I just say CHANCLETAS (sandals, flip flops in Spanish) every chance I get because it sounds so cool.
Enough about my limited Spanish (and annoying use of it.)

This was a simple project to review slab building techniques and slip in score. It took one hour class to create a slab clay bottom and straps (you can see some students embellished.) You can build on this project or keep it simple, any way it is beautiful!

Next class, we talked about the job of a designer and they continued to design their sandals.

The results were fun and fabulous. . .if you are wondering YES THIS IS THE CLASS THAT TOOK THE CLAY QUIZ! I think we'll do another post-writing assignment, I have them an extra half hour every week. These pre and post assessments and writing assignments helps them take their learning seriously, accountability and helps me understand what they are retaining. They are in 5th grade and not taking too much seriously in May, but I still love them! And I love these CHANCLETAS!

and hello to you too?

Boy working on a high heel for his mom!
I applaud his efforts and just how sweet this is!

a slipper:)

Ready to put my chancletas on how about you?

Don't forget to check out my first post this Friday on The Art Of Ed. I'm really excited. If you know me, the post might be a little shocking. "My name is Erica, I'm an art teacher, it's 2012" don't worry no matter what you think of my post it's still me, just a change of attitude!


Phyl said...

What a wonderful simple adorable clay project!!

Holly B. said...

These are so cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks girls! These were fun and cool. VERY simple!