April 2, 2012

KindergARTen: SHAPE Bird Houses

When a few of my Kindergarten students still couldn't identify simple geometric shapes, I realized I wasn't teaching them directly enough. For five weeks, we started each class identifying the shapes, we focused on using these geometric shapes in our art. We made shapes with string and paper and fabric; we drew them, we painted shapes, next I think we will print shapes.

The first class we painted SHAPE BIRDS (click on to see our beautiful display.) Next class we created houses for our birds to live in. We talked about all the places a bird could live nests, trees, and houses. Next we drew shape bird houses for our shape birds. The houses had to include a triangle, rectangle and circle.

As you can see almost all were just like my example, although some classes decided to make duplexes and condos and house numbers.

These were beautiful in their simplicity!

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Paintedpaper said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these houses! I love brush strokes of kinders and primary students! :)