March 15, 2012

Primary Shape Birds

A "Sparkle" lesson thanks to Patty Palmer!

My bilingual Kindergarteners made these "shape birds"to review basic geometric shapes and vocabulary. Then we painted using the primary colors. We have been painting a lot this year so all the students know how to mix colors. . . the challenge now is keeping the colors "separate." This was a challenge that involved a lot of brush washing. You can see some kids were able to do it, but most couldn't resist mixing them all up. In the beginning of the year I expect the younger students to mix all the colors up to see what they'll get (mostly browns) but at this point in the year the students are working on showing  a little more control over their colors.

I think they turned out so awesome! Everyone was successful and able to name the shapes and primary colors. They even showed off their scissors skills when they cut them out to go on our mural outside their classroom. I hung them up this afternoon. I can't wait to see their little fingers pointing out their "shape birds" tomorrow morning.

Thanks Patty!


Phyl said...

Another great one! I wish I had all your kindergarten ideas years ago to help me put it together better. I could have done a much nicer job with them. They have been my big weakness.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

I am SO impressed with your kindergarteners' skills with the brush. You are so right -- keeping those colors separate can be so difficult -- such a temptation to mix them all together!!

Mrs. C said...

Your kinders did a great job! Our kindergarten is going full day next year and I am going to be getting kinders for the first time! I can't wait! I have already starting collecting ideas for next year! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Patty Palmer said...

I love these. Kinders create the best art! Thanks for teh mention!

Anonymous said...

Hi- adorable. I am considering this project for a lesson this week with kindlers & saw your comment on Patty's page... it looks like you used a different type of paint (tempura?) - can you comment on what changes if any you made from Patty's procedure? Also it looks like you outlined using paint (or is it oil pastel)? If you used paint to outline was this a two session project or something you completed in about an hour including set-up and clean-up. THANK YOU!!!