March 19, 2012

Art of the PARTY!

I know I invited all of you to Stella's Rockin' first birthday here. It was an open invitation as Hannah pointed out.

Don't worry you weren't the only no shows! My mom was sick along with some of our friends. They were so thoughtful to stay away so we all didn't get sick. We still had a house full (Grandma and Auntie even came up all the way from Philadelphia)! I had just as much fun decorating for the party as having it! We will probably be doing it again soon in the form of a picnic when everyone is healthy.

Here is our day in PICTURES!

The Birthday Throne!

Homemade Hats with lots of feather boas from my craft stash and leopard paper.

My BRAIN CHILD! Rolling Stone Straws.
As close as I'll ever get to kissing Mick.

Centerpieces. Album cover stars, all the favs, Beatles, Madonna, Elton John, Elvis.

Party loot. 

Disguising my light fixture.
I think I'll keep it like this until we find a new one.

Stella in her homemade birthday hat.

This bulletin board usually holds our bills.
I decorated it with pictures I had on hand and music.
See the sonogram?

A little crying here and there. So much excitement.
Daddy to the rescue for a dance. 

She actually kept these on for a while!

My cousins. Besides doing an excellent impression of David Bowie the triceratops, the guy on the left
also plays a mean piano. Thanks for bringing the music! Especially the jazz version of Sesame Street!

Bowietops (the guy up top) also brought the bubbles. 


We won this cake at a charity auction. My Fair Lady cakes went "all out" to make this.
Reminds me of Elvis in his Hawain leis. 

Wanted a picture of Stella's first sweets.
I snapped this one before going to save her with a bottle of milk.
I am so happy she doesn't like it!!!!!

Got home from work today and nearly collapsed!
This party was easy!
The rest of the week feels like orchestrating another 20 parties with all the
prep we do as art teachers and organizing and fun we have as art teachers.  


Principles of Heart said...

So cute! Love your pictures and your daughter is adorable! I hope I have the energy and motivation you do when I have kids.

Unknown said...


My favorite pic is Stella with the purple glasses! What a hoot!Looks like fun was had by all!

Marcia Beckett said...

aww Happy Birthday Stella! what a fantastically decorated party. Ours was not nearly as cool. The cake looks amazing! Daria doesn't eat cake either.

Katie Morris said...

It's not just you... I loved planning our 1st birthday party last November! Decorating the cupcakes and testing recipes was my favorite part. I almost lost it when my brother-in-law started eating cupcakes off the display before we sang Happy Birthday but I tried to tell myself not to be a crazy person. Looks like a fun day! I'm already thinking about the 2nd birthday party but trying to wait to see what he's interested in before I actually plan.

Mrs. Susa said...

AWE! Really cute idea for a party-girl! Super cute...I'm planning my baby's 1st birthday for next month! Will have to post a few pics when we're done!

Hannah- Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue! said...

Looooveeedd it!!!! How cute is your family?! I think part of the reason we like throwing parties is because subconsciously we want these parties for ourselves, so might as well throw it for someone you love! We'll get to have our cake and eat it, too! (Although, I honestly never understood what that meant..).. haha. Thanks for sharing, made me smile :)

Unknown said...

Principles of Heart: Thanks! I didn't think I had it in me either but I pulled it out of my, Thank for the photo compliments!
Pat: Love that pic too! SHe is a hoot everyday!
Marcia: I'm sure yours was very cool! I luckily didn't have to make the food so I did the housecleaning and decorating!
Katie: Love the cupcake story SO funny. I did not make the cake. I am not that talented. I used to make cakes for my little bros parties and I would have to add things like caution tape and bulldozers just to make it look like it wasn't a mistake that it fell apart. How many years can you do a construction site cake for? I think 2 is max. Hope you post your 2nd party!
Jojobritt: I'll be looking out for your post.
Hannah: You are awesome. I already have her 5 year old Alice in Wonderland party planned (that one is for me). Maybe I should throw a party for myself!