January 29, 2012

Sick Days and the NAEA CONFERENCE

Sorry I have been missing from really sharing lessons. 

Here is my poor chunk and her dad before I took them to the walk in. Both now are now on antibiotics. They got the same virus that turned into Bronchitis for me. Both my babies are sleeping so I have a minute to share some other news.

Haven't told my hubby yet.


Mr. E said...

:( Oh I wish I could go!!!!! I just can't afford it being the only income for our family of four. I think it would be so fun to hang out with all these amazing blogger people...we'd have a blast.

Unknown said...

I know! I'm only going because it's a train ride away. I live in CT and am used to going into the city. Just wait it will come to Nashville soon I hope!

Marcia Beckett said...

I'm going! We should meet up!

Phyl said...

Gonna tell my husband tonight... It's my $$, so he should be OK with it.

Unknown said...

Marcia let's meet up! I'll contact you before the conference or contact me.

Phyl, I've been checking my f.b. to see what he says the suspense is killing me!

Phyl said...

So sorry everyone is sick :(
Your sweet baby looks all dressed up so cute to be going to the doc!

Unknown said...

I know she did look so darn cute why I had to snap the pic. It's really only clearance leggings and a clearance long sleeve tee about $15. The hat though. A present from her auntie. I'm terrible, putting the hat on her. I just couldn't resist! You would never believe the amount of outfits I have for this child. Mostly second hand but still way too many clothes!!!

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

I will be there!!! Hope to meet you there! You will have a blast!
~ Susan

Becca said...

I ran across your blog from a former classmate of mine. I am an art ed student at Missouri State University and some of my pals & I are going... we can't wait!
We've been to Minneapolis, Baltimore, Seattle and are absolutely looking forward to NYC! :)

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

I'm going too!!! I'm driving down Thursday (it's about a 5 hour drive for me) and staying through Sunday. I need a room though and would love to split the cost with a roomie or two! Anyone??? I can't wait to chat it up with other art teachers... such a treat!

Mrs. Erb said...

I'm going with some of the teachers in my district too!
We are taking the train from Boston. I grew up near NY (in CT) so I know what parking is like!!
Maybe we will all meet there?

Kristina said...

Oh man Oh man! I'm jealous! I've only been to one of the conferences, and that was years ago when I was in college and the conference was in Denver. I had soooo much fun and it was so inspiring! I may try to go next year, but really it depends on my little one. Even if I lived closer to NYC, I don't think I could leave my little girl right now. She's still so attached to mama! (Err, wait, maybe I could bring hubby and we could have a family vacation? Something to think about, huh?)

Mrs. Belzer said...

I'm jealous! I can't afford to go either... I'm in WI and this is my first year teaching full time. Hope you have a great time!

Autumn de Forest said...

Hi, and Thank You.
Autumn de Forest, 10-year-old professional artist will be appearing in the Crystal Productions booth at NAEA2012. She invites everyone to drop by and say hello. Autumn speaks nationally on the importance of the arts in education.