January 18, 2012

BIG KID Kindergarteners

When I want the kids to see there work in a new way I have some tricks. One of my favorites is to enlarge some little tiny sketch they made on the copy machine. I copy it onto large, card stock and magically their little tiny sketch becomes "art."

Today while my Kindergarteners were making their self portraits I thought, these are so "adorable" (I know not a very academic thought!) what would they look like BIG?

Off to the copy machine I went! I enlarged their pictures to 11X17. 

Call me crazy but I would like to see them BIGGER!
 My only problem is I got this BRAINSTORM after I let the other Kindergarten classes paint their small portraits. Oh well! I would love to stick to my lessons more closely but when I (or the kids) get an idea we have to try it. Must be the artist in me, it's definitely not the teacher in me. A real teacher would stick to the plan so everyone would get the same experience and things would be more organized. I'm so excited to see the students face when they see their art work large! It makes diverging from the plan totally worth it!

See the scissors in the left? I put them there for scale.
Big paper in the by pass tray

Enlarge sketch to 155%

Voila! Big art!

We will be painting these next!


Marcia Beckett said...

cool idea!

Paper Pear said...

I only teach 3-5th grade art, and have 6 classes of each. To keep myself sane, I often diverge from the plan and have some of my classes creating different projects. That way I do not always feel like a robot teaching the same thing over and over and it makes for more interesting wall displays!

Miss said...

The photocopier is awesome- I use it for alot of different art projects. I also rarely stick to my lesson plan and cannot follow units to save my life!

Kristin said...

ooooh this would be great for doing something Pop Arty with the little ones. The only thing that drives me nuts about using the photocopier is the thin cruddy paper-- will try to experiment with how better quality paper goes through the manual feed.

Unknown said...

I put some pretty heavy paper through that machine Shhhh but it works if you feed it in 3 at a time.

Kat said...

Love this idea and love the copier!