October 1, 2011

Easy Project You Can Do Tomorrow: Action Figure Drawing

Get them moving! This is an easy project for a class that wants to draw, but don't know where to start. I did this same Action Figure Drawing project a few different ways, basically depending upon the behavior of the class. With my high level and excellent behavior class I split the students in pairs, one person drawing, one person posing. They got to do many more poses this way. They also got to move around the classroom and use the space in an organic way. It was inspiring to see them work together.

Other classes I had students pose in the front of the classroom. If they handled this well I let more then one student pose and the class could choose who to draw for 30 seconds. 

THIS WOULD BE GREAT WITH DRY ERASE BOARDS. But I don't have any! I'm definitely going to home depot on The Art of Education's suggestion (read her comments here.) 

Some classes learned the word GESTURE DRAWING. Others did a gallery walk as suggested by MINI MATISSE although I can't find the direct link to her gallery walk (can someone help me?) A gallery walk is walking around the classroom as if you were in a museum to look at the art work (an opportunity to discuss museum behavior.)  All classes discussed the line of the human body.

Why is this picture pixelated????
I tried uploading it a variety of ways?
It's a larger file too!


Don't know how they got the diving pose???

My personal FAVORITE! Shhhhhh.
Can't wait to see it in Sharpie.

Getting a little loco with the art stool! Don't worry I put
the cabash on this:) Although they girls were pretty serious
abou this pose.

NEXT WEEK: The students have decided to add color. I asked them how and they said, big blobs of watercolor. Great idea right?!


Phyl said...

It's always so much fun to do this kind of drawing w/kids. Their work looks like they really enjoyed it. Lots of the drawings look like a dance party - maybe a great intro to Miriam Shapiro? (I have this awesome Shapiro print with dancers; very colorful, full of rich patterns and lots of energy.)

Do the kids in your school wear uniforms? It looks like it's mostly navy bottoms and white shirts.

Are there any associated dress guidelines for staff? I'm currently aggravated because, with the kickoff of our anti-bullying program this coming week on Open House night, everyone (kids and staff) will receive a T-shirt and we (staff) MUST wear them for open house. I do not have a T-shirt body - I'm too short, hips wide and shoulders narrow so it will either stretch around my middle or look like I'm wearing a nightshirt depending on the size. Even the color is not "my" color (it's green, which makes me look diseased). I always like to dress nicely (but art teacher-y - colorful and a little offbeat) for open house, something funky I don't wear during the messy school day, throw on some colorful jewelry and maybe my comic book clogs and then maybe the parents will remember me! I know I shouldn't complain. Others feel the same way, I know, but nobody else wants to say it out loud.

Anyhow - I'm NOT necessarily opposed to uniforms for kids - maybe it would prevent some of the hideous fashion that I see lately, particularly on the older girls

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blog. The action figure drawing is just what I was looking for to teach to my 2nd grade classes-Thanks!

Unknown said...

I have never heard of Miriam Shapiro. I found one image on google images of dancers but wish I could find a website with MORE in this dance theme! I love love love it! I want to do more with the figure and movement. I can never keep my mind in one discipline. I can see using these poses as a jumping point for some choreography. Maybe with projections of art as a backdrop? Is this crazy? I do have some friends who still dance. I probably won't do it, maybe I will. Who knows we'll see if we have some extra time one day where I feel like it would work. Some days are better then others!

No guidelines for staff (although they tried to write specific language in our new contract but it was taken out with the help of a negotiator) it just says professional. The students WEAR UNIFORMS. Blue/yellow/or white shirt (polo or dress) and blue pants. I LOVE IT! It's the best change ever. We can get clothes donated for kids who need extra and it's so much easier. It is good for the situation here. The kids are all equal when it comes to clothes. They can always accessorize which some do well:)

T-SHIRT? For anything other then field day is totally ewwww. I would have to throw a blazer over it. Or funky scarf. I can't believe that! That sounds like a camp counselor thing (sorry) to all wear a matching t-shirt. I totally feel your pain. I hate bad boxy t-shirts and wouldn't want to represent myself like that to parents. I take a little extra time getting myself ready everyday because it makes a huge difference in how the students and parents view us. I think it's good for kids to have a role model of HOW to dress for work so I try to do my best at being professional and still having my style. Since they don't get to choose clothes (they wear the uniforms) I think it's important that the teachers show what style is appropriate for work. Hopefully they will still develop their own tastes even with the uniform!

THANKS PAT you are awesome too I appreciate that.

Nellie Mae said...

I'm so glad you posted this! Action drawing is one of my favorite activities because it requires such a small amount of prep work. I love the idea of using dry erase boards!

Since I have students for a whole hour, I divide the drawing activities between 'figure poses' and 'still life drawing'

I turn all my tables so that we make a big circle out of the room, it is the only time I change the seating configuration all year...so I usually save it for April or may! I have groups of students stand in the middle, either girls or boys from various tables....and I give them a pose suggestion and they have to hold it for about a minute or so...maybe a little less. I suggest everything from surfing to karate. The kids love it.

After 30 minutes of this, I drag large things into the middle of the room....an easel, trash can, step ladder, and some small things like flower pots, lamps, etc. and I have them draw for a minute or so...then I move everything around and add/take things away. It is interesting to see how many students can actually draw only 'what they see'...as opposed to what they think they see!

Fun activities, thanks for the inspiration!

Phyl said...

Glad to hear you understand about the T-shirt. (oops typing I almost left the "r" out of shirt - projecting my feelings I guess). I don't like thinking of how much $$ they spent on these shirts, when it will all come down to whether there is ADMINISTRATIVE FOLLOW THROUGH on the new anti-bullying program. I suppose if they handed out the shirts ahead of time (which they won't) I'd have the time to alter it. But I guess you're right - it will have to be a scarf or blazer (but it would help to see the color ahead of time to know what kind of green it is for accessorizing). I agree with your camp counselor analogy.

Meanwhile - re: Miriam Shapiro - the only pic I had was one that came from a School Arts magazine many years ago - but I just googled her for images and am FLOORED - her gorgeous work is right up my alley taste-wise - lively and colorful - anyhow this is a link to a painting that I'm not sure is the identical one but if not is very similar: http://www.paintingsalley.com/data/media/1003/Miriam%20Schapiro%20%2821%29.jpg
Check it out! I like the idea of a painted background for choreography, and can picture you using the design and color from her artwork for amazing costumes. Something to do in your spare time...?