September 7, 2011


I feel like I'm in a blogging drought although it's been raining here for quite some time. Thanks to all of you who check here for updates.

What's the reason for the drought. First, I am obsessed with my camera and new lens. As the newness wears off, I will be working towards getting a flash for the winter (when all the light seems to get sucked out of Connecticut.) So editing and taking photos is taking up a lot of time!

Our favorite dog park.

Kodi then.

Kodi now!

Then there's the PUPPY! He has been my personal trainer and I am back to pre-baby weight without even stepping in a gym. We walk and we walk and we walk. I love this guy, but he makes Jillian (trainer on the Biggest Loser) look like a powder puff.

And then there's Nick's 30th surprise party! You may remember he turned 30 last year; but, with the baby, his new job and me getting back my job back, it took us a whole year to celebrate.

The Birthday guy enjoying a moment at his surprise party this weekend. 

So don't give up on Art Project Girl just yet! I promise when I get excited about some new projects I will be posting them. This week has been filled with fire drill practice (yes I pretend to be a fire drill making the  "whoo oooh whoo oooh" sound while the kids practice lining up and walking.) Then the rules (you can check out this post to see my rules) . . . and finally a small art project that is about sharing, taking care of supplies and working quietly.  Thrilling I KNOW! It bores me to tears to explain the first week of school to anyone. Imagine doing this 30 times! Only an art teacher can understand. But FIRST thing is FIRST as they say. Rules and expectations have to be clear to make great art projects later in the year (hey that rhymes!)

See you next week when we start our first real projects!


Phyl said...

Hey, I was wondering what happened to you! I thought maybe you had problems from Irene, as I know some bloggers have dealt with awful flooding and more, and some have had start of school postponed etc. So I'm glad to know you are just distracted by your camera. Have fun and keep photographing your beautiful family!

LT said...

I can't wait to see what you guys are up to! Your baby is absolutely adorable, by the way! :)