August 17, 2011

It's that TIME! Time management. . .

That moment when you have to stop everyone and break the news. . . it's clean up time. There are a few kids who take it very hard. Tears and tantrums can happen if I don't have a plan in place. I always say "for some kids the end of art class is like being at Disney then telling them it's time to get on the plane."

So here's my plan of action. First, I quietly tell that student that we will need to make the clean up announcement soon. Luckily I've had many of these students before so I know who they are! I remind them not to rush and that we will do the same thing next week. I also let that child announce it's clean up time (sometimes by turning the rain stick.)

A few days ago when I was cleaning out my closet I found this awesomely BIG clock. It's been around since 1970 something (I can date things by the look of the tape. . . I'm like a wine connoisseur. . . just a tape connoisseur.) I thought I'd bring this clock into 2011, the age of graphic organizers, charts, data and such. Most of my classes run on an hour schedule so I painted it to show our time management. I think it looks like a big pie chart and will give students an idea of what to expect and when. Sometimes being clear can solve behavior issues before they start.

So here it is. . . MY GIANT PIE CLOCK THINGY!
It's a work in progress. . . 

This sign is ready to get glued on the yellow part of the clock once the paint dries.

These signs tell students how they earn points too. 

If the class is doing what the clock says they earn a point.
Classes can earn 3 points a day, entering, work time and clean up.
When classes earn all their points they earn a prize or extra art time wahooo!

Here's the title!

 This has nothing to do with anything but I have to share. . .

BONUS! I FOUND THIS STAND ON CRAIGSLIST FOR MY PROJECTOR. $30 bucks baby. I've been wanting one forever but they are hundreds in the catalogues.

Bad picture of my beautiful projector stand ON WHEELS:)

DOUBLE BONUS! Sneak peek. .. This is a sign I am creating for the first day of school. Last year students did "action painting: to create the background. . . it says "Today is a good day to bee. . . " I will add words like creative, you, interested, on time, happy, helpful etc. and I'll make some BEES of course.
Bees are our school's theme. I'll be making this beautiful in the next week. I'll post an update.

I just love progress. It all looks shiny and new the first day, but right now my room looks like a tornado as I organize, create bulletin boards, and deep clean every drawer and shelf. As art teachers we know how to make a productive mess. . . then clean it up. 


Unknown said...

Ahhh I already found a typo on my red sign! So glad I didn't glue it on:) A work in progress. ..

Phyl said...

A whole hour - wow. I've got 40 minutes. I'll admit, there's times when the music is playing, and everyone is happily working, and I forget to look at the time and OOPS there's their teacher at the door. And then there's the days I've had them clean up early by mistake and we're lined up and suddenly I realize they still have 10 minutes.

But yes, even when I do remember, there are kids who want to "glue one more thing" or "just finish painting this color" etc. Your Disney analogy is right-on.

Phyl said...

Just realized I never answered your question that you left on my blog a week ago (bad time management?)so I figured I'd answer it here. My only back to school communication is a letter that goes home about art shirts. Every child has his own smock or paint shirt, which is stored in his cubby in his classroom. I send a letter reminding parents to send these in. Meanwhile, the "art shirt fairy" will provide a shirt for kids whose parents can't be bothered to follow through.

Other than that, the parents get so much stuff that goes home in the first weeks, I don't like to send more. I'll send letters home later in the year when I want some recyclables, or anything else that needs to be communicated.

The one exception was in the years we participated in Pinwheels for Peace. Then I sent letters home immediately, both informing and asking for parent help assembling the pinwheels.

Hope I've answered your question!

Tahlia Newland said...

You're so organised. I love it. Reminds me of teaching little ones so long ago. I teach high school now. Clean up time is still a challenge though