September 28, 2011

ARTSONIA but easier!

ARTSONIA used to take me forever! Taking the pictures, uploading, editing, creating rosters, it was all too much. Being pregnant last year, I selectively let this fall off my plate. I was going to forget ARTSONIA all together until a few parents asked me about it. I can never say no to a parent who want to support their child's creativity. So I thought I was stuck!

Until, I opened my e-mail this afternoon and this is what I saw. . .
Yes, I totally snagged this pic from the internet.
 Sorry Mrs. E I am trying to be better but not trying hard enough! 

ARTSONIA has a new mobile app that I tried out today! It works. It's free. It's fast. It took me 3 minutes to upload each piece, edit and put the students name with it. I did two so far (I only had an extra 6 minutes before I had to go see my baby Stella) I have some more time tomorrow, I'm thinking of training a student to do this. How exciting to publish your friends artwork online (thanks for the idea Mrs. D!)

Have you already tried this? LINK YOUR ARTSONIA SITE SO WE CAN SEE YOUR HARD WORK! Here's my artsonia website from 2 years ago. (The new work won't publish for 48 hours.)

Thanks Jen for linking your site so I could see your LINE FISH! Glad I didn't recycle that old book. That idea has been a big hit!


Marcia Beckett said...

this is mine from this year:

Marcia Beckett said...

I don't have a fancy phone, but it doesn't seem to take that long to do. Although I do have less students than you probably. I don't do every project, just some of them. But if I do it from a class, I'll do every one from that class, does that make sense?

karoline said...

I like your fantastic web page!

Unknown said...

Thanks Karoline!

Love your dots Marcia. That looks like fun.

Katie Morris said...

I downloaded the app a few days ago but haven't tested it out yet. I just wonder about how much "data" it would use up of my data plan if I upload. I'll probably try it more for editing than uploading.

Phyl said...

Sigh. I signed up for Artsonia after attending a workshop about it 2 years ago. Never uploaded a single pic. Didn't have my act together to type the rosters, and to get the finished artwork all lined up to photo or scan in roster order.

And some of us do NOT have smartphones... I'm mystified by all this stuff because I'm old enough to think that a phone is for - uh - calling people. Believe it or not, I don't even know HOW to send a text. And those pics I took on my phone - don't know how to get them on my computer, and have never sent one. I'm a dinosaur. I'd be happy to still have a phone that I could dial, with a long curly cord.

But back to Artsonia - doubt that I will ever make it happen.

Mrs. L said...

YES! I got that email too- so exciting! I hate uploading pictures and this is going to make life so much easier!!