July 22, 2011

Talking Shop and A Great Deal

I know many of you have already ordered, but if you haven't (like me) I want to share this deal with you.

Pacon TRU-RAY Construction Paper 9 by 12 is buy one get one 1/2 off. Click Here to see the deal yourself. 

I usually order the smaller sheets of TRU-RAY but I'll cut them to save some money.

Then there's this

and this

Both I've never even seen before. . . but I am curios about the colored pencils. Have you seen these? Are they worth it?

If you're interested get the promo code from the link. Wish me luck writing up my order. . . it takes me a while because I go through the projects I usually do and the projects I'd like to do and then there's the comparison shopping. . . my deal seeking is a sickness really;) Definitely going for the liquid watercolors this year as I see the awesome vibrant color you are all getting. Thank you for your help with the best tempera paint brands. I refer to your comments often. This is what I went with PRANG white, yellow, orange (thanks Painted Paper), SAX red (thanks Phyl), Crayola bright Turquiose and Violet (thanks Phyl) and a few bottles of the Blick colors because a lot of you raved about them.


Paintedpaper said...

Hey! Some kids love the color sticks some do not. They have to apply a little more pressure than a reg pencil but I think you get a good opaque color. I ordered the mural as well not sure what it is like just thought it would be fun to do one every year. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks painted paper;) I am going to pass on them this year because I've already went over budget and am in deleting mode... That's the rough part!

Mrs. Art Teacher said...

I got a box of those crayola colored pencil sticks for some kids to try out last year. The kinder and 1st couldn't press hard enough to use them and the 5th and up thought they were too big for details but they were perfect for 2nd and 3rd, any rubbings or covering large areas. I may just get one box per table and not spring for the whole class set...

I do think those mural rolls look perfect for elementary classes though. Are they paper (ehhehh) or canvas (yes!)

Erica said...

I used the roll canvas last year for an all school mural. It is in fact canvas, it's gesso'd on both sides, comes with the grommets in it as all that.

It was a great value, it was the acrylic paint that I got that cost me. (Since we wanted this to last and look gret)

There are pics on my last blog post in the slideshow (they are peppered throughout) of the mural and the kids working on it, so you can see what the canvas is like!

Love your blog!

Jen Carlisle said...

I love my colored pencil sticks... they can be sharpened for details but I have the kids use them for coloring big spaces. They do the detail work with regular crayola colored pencils and then can color in large areas with the sticks. I broke them each into 2 pieces and ordered only 1 box per table. They lasted all of last year and will get me through at least until Christmas this year.