July 20, 2011

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due! UPDATE

Thank you for all of your suggestions on how to organize ideas found in your blogs. Organization is painful for me, but I do it and love it when it's done. I have been using Pinterest anytime I see things I like. Simply click this little button that says Pin It in my history bar and it goes to one of my pinboards.

Here's what it looks like in my history bar.
Too simple!

Here are my pinboards http://pinterest.com/artprojectgirl/ .  They are a little thin right now but they are growing! Overall, this is the most fun I've ever had organizing!

Thank you Anne from Use Your Coloured Pencils! And everyone else who mentioned Pinterest on their blogs. 

This is going to really help me develop my style, organize my ideas, and basically keep things in one place that's not my own head.

As for giving Pinterest my facebook account (Phyl, I know you were concerned and you should be, I thought it odd too to give a facebook account), in the end I did. I'm pretty broke right now, so I feel like I don't have much to loose. Unless the hackers are looking for people with potential, I've got tons of that!

Anyways, I would eventually like to faze out my facebook account. Wouldn't we all? 


Phyl said...

I did sign up for Pinterest (will blog about it too) but opened a Twitter account to do it. I am following nobody on twitter and don't expect to use it, at least for now. I like Pinterest but am having trouble with it - seems the servers are constantly "busy" and I'm getting shut out. Plus I seem to be following a zillion people I didn't ask to follow, and I click "unfollow" and they still show up. I'm so technologically helpless. Sigh.

HipWaldorf said...

Is Pinterest only public or can you collect all those wonderful images on it and not be public?

Pamela Holderman said...

I am so ridiculously addicted to pinterest. so much eye candy... my brain goes into art overload.

Becca Ruth said...

Looks like I will be jumping on this band wagon! Also, how did you get that picture of your tool bar and save it to use for your post?

Unknown said...

I made a screen shot. It's really helpful when you are trying to explain how to do something on a computer program you can make a step by step picture guide. On my mac I press shift, apple, f

Kellie said...

Hi Art Project Girl! I am in love with your blog, I bet you are a wonderful art teacher! I love all of your projects and your upbeat attitude, gets me all excited about going back to school in a week! I was looking through your blog and saw sometime in January you were making a packet for subplans. I love love this idea! I was wondering if you could send me the packet and I will be sure to submit a lesson to you to add to it. I am expecting in October and this would help a ton. You could email me at knelson6@gmail.com! Thanks and I look forward to your upcoming blogs!