June 19, 2011

What Are We Doing For Father's Day?

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there. I snagged one! A handful of kids asked me "What are we making for Father's Day?"

I, unfortunately don't do father's day projects with the students. You all teach and/or are a son or daughter. You know how rare it is to find a real "Dad".  So many students would be left out.

Why so few Dads?

1. It's a CHOICE. You don't HAVE to be a Dad. My observation is, woman are ultimately responsible for their children in our society. A Dad has to choose to be responsible for his children. Which makes being a Dad that much more meaningful. You totally have the right to disagree but this is my observation in my little corner of the world.

2. It's HARD WORK! A bond between a Dad and child grows and builds, where a mom has the help of oxytocin (a hormone) to help her bond with her child. It's an amazing thing!

3. It's EVOLUTION. Let's face it, you have to be highly evolved to be a Dad. Gone are the times of being a bread winner and providing (with only a paycheck.) Most families are two income households and both parents are under the same amount and same kind of stress. There is no pecking order in a household. Every man and woman has to row to keep the ship a float. It's hard for many men not to be the Captain. But a Dad understands this and supports his family emotionally.

I am lucky that I married an evolved guy! I will totally understand when Stella doesn't bring home Father's Day presents from school. What is your take on Father's Day? Do you do projects with your students?


Janie B said...

I can't believe you are still in school! When do you get out? Or, are you in a year-round school? No, I don't even do Mother's Day gifts. Not in art class, that is. I did when I taught a regular class, though.

Unknown said...

Four more days! I can't imagine being in a year round school. I don't do Mother's Day either:) BUT we usually end up getting back some beautiful pottery or something or other around that time. Whenever I hand back pottery it seems there is a holiday and the students think I planned it that way. If I was only that good;)

Phyl said...

I still have 5 more days, and I don't do mother's or father's day projects either. Not my job! (Of course, I also don't do Easter, or Christmas, which makes me different than a lot of others out there.)

My dad has been gone since 1994, but I think of him every day. Happy Dad's day to the memory of my wonderful daddy, and to my husband and terrific father Dan.

Unknown said...

Cheers to your dad and Dan! Two highly evolved guys as me and my mom would call them;)