January 14, 2011

View From My Windshield

This is the view from my windshield as I pulled into work this morning. The little "Reserved for Teacher of the Year" sign is keeping it's head above water, or snow. It made me laugh because it reminds me of me! Chin up!


Phyl said...

Love it. Great photo.

By hte way - hope I didn't offend you with my tale of my son's driving woes in Connecticut! It's just... well.. when we live in the northeast we've got to be ready for snow!

Unknown said...

Why would I be offended? I don't work for the D.O.T:) Just have to deal with the aftermath. I actually thought it was this way everywhere! Guess not in NY!

Phyl said...

Ha ha - not ALL of NY is so storm ready. We've seen enough of NYC's storm fiasco to know that they definitely were not prepared!