January 15, 2011

Coupon Queen

Here's a coupon tip that I think is really cool. Before I head to Lowe's for a big purchase I always make a pit stop at the post office. I get a movers packet.

Here's why. . .

10% off coupon inside!
I find myself buying supplies often and they are not all from the craft store. . . whether it's wood for a bus  for our Rosa Parks play or paint for a mural I consider it my teacher's discount.

I ended up buying 4 shelving units for my basement and bunches of tupperware to organize my lessons, art supplies, and holiday gear. Usually I keep my lesson stuff at school but with all the budget cuts I brought it home last summer. I decided to keep it here because hauling it all back two months later was not happening!

Got these for $40. with coupon.
Can't wait to show you a basement before and after picture.
10 hours later, I only have the before and middle!
Definitely could have been an episode of hoarders. 


Snippety Gibbet said...

Oooooooh, great tip! I'll be interested in seeing your reorganization. My studio space downstairs is always looking a mess because I just can't figure out how to store stuff. jan

Holly B. said...

I didn't know there were mover packets at the post office. Good tip.

edfed77 said...

AND - Home Depot will match - every time.

Unknown said...

Yes Eddie! I thought of that later. So glad you remembered to share that little tip. Mom actually taught me this tip and you probably taught her! You find the best deals/coupons. Definitely the coupon king. Need you to help me find where places to get diaper coupons now!