January 19, 2011

Blogging Mimics Life

Blogging mimics life. At least mine. I started this blog with the idea of having a diary or collection of ideas from my life, home, and classroom.

Somehow it has become about my classroom, classroom and classroom. Which is exactly what happened in my life. Finally, some updates from outside my classroom.

We are almost finished renovating our bathroom! I got a new bathroom floor! My weekend warrior project that started in the Fall of 2009, and was one of my first blog posts, is being completed because I'm not the one doing it. I got smart and got friends. A childhood friend ends up being a painter, my neighbor has a tiling business, and I am one happy girl. There is nothing like finding people you can trust to be in your home and do a good job for a fair price.

To date:
Fixed Ceiling (peeling plaster had to be sheet rocked)
Installed Ventilation Fan (had to cut through metal sheeting and go through the attic)
Cleaned mold off of walls and installed new walls where they had rotted.
Tiled tub and vanity surround with subway tiles
Tiled floor
Painted cabinets and got new hardware.

To do:
Install new baseboard
Paint trim and walls (we have decided against the blue for a more sophisticated color)
Install toilet
Find a great shower curtain and rug!
Take a bath in my new bathroom

Here is some pictures of the tiling in progress. .. it's being grouted as I blog!

Ignore the blue walls and missing heating vent.

New marble threshold.

New paint and hardware on cabinets.

I'd rather beautiful hardware then jewelry! Costs about the same. 

Subway tiled tub and shower

A proper floor!

You can see the fan vent that keeps the bathroom much dryer!

My weekend warrior project has turned into living in a construction zone for over a year but it's almost over and will be well worth it! It only took being 9 months pregnant and finding some good friends to make the bathroom of my dreams come true.


therese english perdue said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love your style! Enjoy it! :)

Anne Farrell said...

Looks SO good! Subway tiled walls, black and white floor tiles and cut glass knobs are amongst my dream bathroom ideas too! (Unfortunately I have none of them yet though...).

Unknown said...

Thanks!!! I never thought I had a style but now that I'm putting together things I live it reminds me of the 50's. Now if I only had a martini and slippers waiting for me when I got home from work! Wait, I wouldn't be going to work. Thanks for rooting us on only the details to go!