November 1, 2010

Welcome To Our Studio!

A white board full of facts and a lesson plan book filled with objectives makes me feel like I've earned my paycheck. Standing in front of the class  screams "teacher" to me. 

But then I get lonely at my whiteboard. As an artist, I love people and making things. Experimenting with materials and ideas, sitting at tables, solving problems fulfills the "artist" in me. I know in public school there is a time for being a teacher and being an artist, but I have to say I love the days that I get to get to call the room our "studio" instead of "the classroom." 

Here is a day in the "studio" where Kindergarteners created collages.  Tons of trays of colorful, tactile materials lined the tables. How to use scissors so no blood was shed was the only lesson of the day. Glue was poured liberally. I talked to individual students about their choice of globs, blobs and dots of glue. We noticed what worked best for what material. Finally, the mentors and I asked what the little artists were making. This is when their creations came to life. I totally see that!

"A star and a ship" "T.V." "Flag"

"A butterfly"

"I made a microphone and stop sign."

"A heart"

"I made a carnival with a seal, a person and a car."

"A boat"

"I made something flying."

"A pony, some pants, a cross"
Studio days get a little messy!

What a beautiful mess though.

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