November 1, 2010

A Cautionary Tale For All My Art Teacher Friends

Friday Night 7pm: Making clay examples I stayed late. A little too late I was exhausted, pregnant, tired. I took my wedding ring off and instead of putting it my desk drawer (like I usually do) I decided to put it on the table where I was working. My feet were swollen and I told myself to "remember."

Friday Night 10pm: Realize I left my ring in the classroom. I could deal with it. I knew exactly where it was. I locked my door. I would get it first thing Monday morning.

Monday 8:15am: Start to clear off all the clay from the tables and put in the kiln room. Ask student helpers to throw out newspapers and wash tables. They do. I teach a whole day of school.

Monday 10:30pm: I am so excited to go to sleep early. 

Monday 11:00pm: Sit up straight in my bed and gasp "MY RING" Call my husband at work hysterical. "Are you hurt, are you okay." I manage to get out that I lost the ring. I tell him I'm going to the dumpster at the school. He begs me to wait for him to get out of work. 

Monday 11:13pm: Waiting for my husband to get out of work so we can go DUMPSTER DIVING. Hoping to find it in my trash bag.


CAUTION: During Clay Season keep your rings safe. As art teachers there is so much to do and remember. Our ring is often in the way. I hope you can learn from my lesson and keep yours safe. I'll let you know what happens. . . trying to keep myself occupied till he comes home to go dig through the trash!


Unknown said...

Not in the trash:( I am not giving up hope yet. Luckily Fridays and Mondays they don't sweep or vacuum my room. Maybe it fell? Maybe I'll ask the kids who helped clean off the tables this morning if they saw it and put it somewhere. . . I have to think about that one for a second though.

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way! I have a little tin on my desk and I always put my rings in there --- but you are right you have to be careful. This could happen to any of us! Good Luck! And keep us updated!

Jessica said...

Oh!!!! I hope you find it. We just started our first unit in clay yesterday, and I leave my engagement ring at home entirely for fear of the very same thing!

Holly B. said...

Hope you find it.

Brandon Dorney said...


I hope you find your ring! Don't give up hope! I am married man myself teaching art everyday. I made this ring holder out of clay and hung it high on the wall. I put my ring on it when I do clay, finger painting or anything messy.

Best of luck finding your ring

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!


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Mrs. Hahn said...

This has happened to me 3 time. One time we found my ring in the hallway, once in the bathroom, and once on the floor in my room... How could a ring walk off? Not sure. You will find the ring. I'm sorry that you have to deal with the stress of loosing it. I hope your little swollen belly and you have had a chance to get a few minutes of sleep.

Stringbean Art said...

Oh good luck I hope it shows up, any chance you can claim it on a homeowners if it doesn't? I have done the same thing with other rings and found them in the clay tools bucket! I suppose you already looked there...Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Thank you all!!! It makes me feel like less of a space hearing that I'm not the only one whose done this.
Thanks Mrs. Hahn. One year I had another special ring and put it in a special spot in the kiln room. When I went back it was gone! A little boy returned it to me he said he found it. I was so happy I hugged him, wrote him a thank you card, and cried. I know if someone finds it they will do the right thing! If it doesn't turn up, my husband has assured me "it's only a ring!"

-Stringbean: I might check with my insurance agent and see if it's worth it. It's worth a try!
-Brandon: Great idea! Where I am, I have to worry about keeping my valuables in plain sight. Not usually the kids but "others" (yeah not naming names).Usually I just have to leave every bit of cash and cards at home.
-Jessica: I should've done that! I usually do! Keep it safe!
-Susan: You're the best I will take all the good vibes I can get.
-Holy: My best friend from college was the most happy, chill person ever. She used to say "hope you'll find it!!!" and like magic I would find what I was looking for! It was weird.

I am so glad that you all will think about your ring now during clay season because I don't want this to happen to anyone else!

Phyl said...

When I was in college student teaching, living in an apartment with other girls, I lost my "baby ring" that I'd had since birth and which had been made larger for me to wear. I'd been too embarrassed to tell mom they'd made it TOO big so I wore it anyhow. Of course I lost it, and was devastated. My roommate told me to say a prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, which was an odd thing to tell her little Jewish roommate, but what the heck it was worth a try. MONTHS later, a friend sitting on our couch felt a lump in it. My ring!! Ever since then I've felt St. Anthony was worth a try when something important is missing.

Meanwhile, my son lost his high school class ring on a scout camping/sailing trip and after a while we had it replaced. About a year later we found it stuck in the corner of his backpack. Now he has two class rings and wears none.

I feel so bad for you. :-(

Angie said...

We found my husband's wedding band at least two years after he lost it. Good luck with finding it.

Janie B said...

I'm sorry. Chin up! You'll probably find it, but even if you don't, you still have the fella that came with it! (That's more than I can say.) :)

Unknown said...

You made me and my husband laugh out loud. You're a riot! Too funny.

artteacher said...

My dad lost his while gardening and insurance paid for a replacement. Two years later, he found it while digging in the garden. :)

Unknown said...

Oh such a great story "art teacher" I feel I'm getting closer to getting it back. If the story unfolds I will definitely share if I can:)