June 27, 2010

Food Glorious Food

One more reason I love summer. . . FOOD! Usually during the school year food is such an after thought. What frozen meal can I throw in my lunch bag today? Is there a piece of fruit I can eat so I won't get scurvy? I even started taking little pills from Whole Foods that I call Greenies. They basically are dehydrated wheat grass and equal a serving of vegetables. That's how busy things got in this girl's life last year.

My colleagues gave me the greatest gift for Teacher of the Year. They gave me a gift card to a local organic farm right in the middle of our city! Check out the buildings in the background.

There is something so special about knowing where your food comes from. 

Being married to a chef and getting local food, I have no choice but to become one of those bloggers who photograph their food obsessively. It's art and good chefs are artists. Here's my artist/chef husband with our baby niece. As if this post didn't already have enough eye candy. 

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