June 29, 2010

Fairy Houses

Want to make your next hike a little more creative? Check out these Fairy Houses that we stumbled on while vacationing in Maine. These houses are made with no glue, tape or extra materials. Everything is from materials in the woods right where they are built.  Talk about Green Homes!

Fairy House Ordinances

Build on in marked Fairy House Zones
Use only dead natural materials
Create Fairy Houses that look so natural they are almost hidden
Be advised the Fairy House will periodically be inspected by the head fairy code enforcement officer

No permit or setback required
Maximum footprint is 1 sq. ft.
Maximum size is 1 cubic ft.

Remember Fairies do not like to disturb nature.


Mrs. Hahn said...

Oh... to cute! I may do this with the mini's in my life. It looks like a lot of creative thinking.

Ariella said...

I have a book about these fairy houses in Maine. We want to go on a trip to see them. Beautiful, thanks!

Phyl said...

Adorable - can I ask WHERE in Maine? I'd love to see them if they aren't too far from our usual Maine destination.

Kathy said...

love this, great idea for a class trip

Unknown said...


I have to get back to you on the exact location. I think my husband will know once I bring out the map.

Phyl said...

Thanks - we're heading to Kennebunkport in mid-July, but if the fairy houses are northern Maine, I'll have trouble convincing my husband it's worth a road trip. :-)

Unknown said...

It is on Harpswell Rd. The trail is a cliff walk that starts behind their townhall. It's a good hike. We were staying on Baileys Island that's how we found it.