May 1, 2010

Initial Reaction

When I asked my Kindergarteners if they knew what their initials were you can imagine their reaction. They stared at me blankly. I needed the Kinders to know how to write their initials for upcoming clay lessons so I decided use initials as inspiration for a mosaic art lesson.

Just as I taught them to write their names by tracing the yellow name I wrote on their paper, I taught them to make their initial(s). First I wrote their initial big with a yellow marker. I held up each of the letters for the class and they guessed whose initial it could be. "J is for John!" "My name starts with a J, Jose!"

Next students cut bright pieces of foam into smaller pieces and glued them on their initial. Finally they created a black background. I showed pictures of beautiful mosaics from all around the world and we talked about how the artists put the tiles closely together but never overlap them. I think their initial mosaics are really beautiful! The best part is they will all be able to write their initials on their clay pieces!

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