April 23, 2010

Architecture for the Birds

Getting kids to relate to architecture has been a challenge for me. So this year, I decided we were going to draw architecture but our clients were going to be BIRDS! Our feathered friends have specific needs and my students were excited to design the perfect home for them. Here is a simple way to go about teaching your kids about the creative world of architecture. 

1.  Talk with students about how an architect designs a place for a client. 
2. Brainstorm different places and what their purposes are.
3. Tell them that they have a very special client that they will be drawing a house for with very special requests.
                   Client Requests: Must be safe from squirrels.
                                              Must have a space to store seed.
                                              Must have access to water for bathing and drinking.
                                              Must be located high in the trees and be able to fly in.

At this point ask students to guess who their client is. 

4. Show students examples of how to draw a variety of buildings using simple geometric shapes like squares and triangles. Keep it simple especially if you want to paint these after.
5. Students draw their idea in pencil then paint. 
6. Finally outline your pencil lines in a black oil pastel. You will be amazed at how much this makes their overall design stand out.
7. Write or discuss your birdhouse and it's features with your client! Yes bring in a stuffed animal of a bird for the younger kids and they can present their design to their client.

The second graders I teach absolutely loved this project and did a wonderful job. Once I showed them how to draw a castle, we had a ton of Princess birds. 


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Shannah said...

I love your blog and admire the work you do with your kiddos!!!
I do a 3d version of this with my kindergartners and love your intro and closing ideas. Thanks so much for sharing:)