April 25, 2016

Transforming Everyday Objects through Animation

So I have a new teaching position! Yay! But I've been super, crazy busy (to be expected) and haven't posted. I want to share with you some fun stuff happening in the "new" art classroom.

Transforming Everyday Objects Into Art through ANIMATION!

I challenged the 5th graders to make an animation with an everyday objects. I hardly had to teach the app which was hilarious because it took me a good 20 minutes to figure it out. Apparently mother's now have iPads in the womb.  I thought I was super tech savy and fast. . . until a ten year old sat at my computer and basically set the keys on fire with the speed at which he typed. So I decided not to waste their time as they were so pumped to work in groups and had already been planning their stories (I guess outside of class) once they heard what the next project was going to be.

This was created in less then an hour by my amazing students. But I guess that isn't entirely true because we spent the class before this creating thaumotropes, learning about the persistence of vision, and experimenting with the iPad stop animation.

I am excited to share these at our annual art show! It is going to be a lot of uploading and QR code making but the work is extremely exciting. If you have any advice on the quickest way to upload about 30 animations and create QR codes let me know in the comments!

I am all about transforming everyday objects into art! I think it is one of the highest forms of creativity to be able to look at things in a new way. I would love to here about ideas you have, art that you've done, or lessons you can share, about TRANSFORMING EVERYDAY OBJECTS INTO ART!


Kelsey Lapin said...

What app did you use with students?

admin said...

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