April 2, 2014

Simple 2nd grade Animation

Testing Testing 1, 2

This is my first test making a GIF simple animation out of the students' drawings.

This GIF WINS the prize for "Most Annoying Gif in the WORLD!" True to the Pigeon character in the Mo Willems book.

 photo birdie_zps10fe4a0d.gif

We used the Mo Willems Pigeon series for inspiration. . . much more annoying animations to come. Hopefully the new method we used today will be less annoying because they drew a few more pictures!


Mrs. Hahn said...

Perfect!! That is so cute!

Joelle said...

I love the animation! I think that animations are fascinating for kids. I did a project with a spider running around a pumpkin.... more than 200 pictures for a 7 second animation. It took me two days... but that was fun :-)