February 3, 2014

Lonely Lunch Box

Me and some of my teacher friends went to yoga on Saturday. The instructor asked us to set an intention for the practice, day and week. Mine was simple. It came to my mind right away. "I intend to eat lunch." 

Only a teacher can understand being "too busy" for the most basic things (including going to the bathroom.) So last night, instead of just making my daughter's lunch, I made a big salad for me too. All my materials (tissues, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, basic stuff teachers steal from their house to bring to their classroom) are packed and by the door. I am ready to take care of my students and myself. 

The plan is simple:
1. Make "ready to eat" lunches. No time for microwaves.
2. Ready the night before. Completely ready!
3. Cases of water always available in my room and trail mix for emergencies (those days when kids need my time and it cuts into lunch) 

So I'm excited to take - taking care of myself- seriously. 

The irony: today is a snow day for Connecticut! 

Taking care of ourselves and hundreds of children (and our own) takes lots of planning! My hope is that you all TAKE GOOD CARE. 


Mrs. C said...

So true! We tend to take care of everybody else but neglect ourselves! I often just grab something portable or skip lunch because I am too busy at school to stop... :( I bought yogurts this weekend that I can just throw in my bag with a piece of fruit so that I can eat something that is going to re-charge my battery for the afternoon( not just grab a cookie in the cafeteria, but they are really good! ) we have a snow day here in NJ today also! :)

Art Teachers Hate Glitter said...

At the beginning of the year, I created a similar goal. I now make may daughter's lunches and mine for the entire week. I also prep our breakfasts too (usually oatmeal). I even took it as far as to set out our outfits for the week. Now I just have to grab an outfit from the hanger, pack our lunches in the morning, heat water for our oatmeal, and done! I feel like I have so much more time in the morning now before hauling my girl off to daycare.

Congrats on the AOE Nom!

Beth Carter said...

Breakfast is my challenge I just completed the 30 day challenge on http://simplegreensmoothies.com/
I can drink them on my way to work. Congratulations on your blog recognition.