January 25, 2014

I Kan. . .dinsky

Do your students help you with bulletin boards, installations and art displays. Mine do. . . to be honest, sometimes it makes me cringe to walk by a crooked bulletin board. Okay, admittedly EVERY TIME I WALK BY A CROOKED BULLETIN BOARD (put up with care by my 10 year old students) IT MAKES ME CRINGE. Each time, I try not to stop and "fix" it.  I think it is the universe trying to teach me to let go of the stuff that doesn't matter. It makes me feel a little better when they walk by and proudly point out to friends that they hung up their classes work.

This is their next display project.
To start off our unit on color theory 4th and 5th grade made these concentric color studies inspired by Kandinsky's Color Studies. I have a lot of students and now we have a lot of circles. . . alone the display looks a little *yawn* boring (it's just a study after all) but together we could do something really cool!

Now what do we do with all these circle studies?

My display team (any fifth graders who earn enough points to come to art at the end of the day) will be brainstorming what to do with all these circles on Monday!

Do you let your students create displays? Can you walk by crooked art work without grabbing a staple remover?


Phyl said...

I also have a problem with crooked bulletin boards, but you don't want to break the kids' hearts!

As for the Kandinsky circles, that won't be a problem! I immediately had some ideas: cut out a sillhouette of someone blowing bubbles with a bubble wand, or sitting in a bathtub (just their head leaning on the edge, and maybe their toes sticking out the end), and use the circles as bubbles rising from the tub or coming from the wand!

cassie stephens said...

LOVE this idea. Stealing stealing stealing. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I am guilty of the crooked bulletin board too. I agree with what you said about in the grand scheme of things in this life...it really doesn't matter. So, I am going to be more flexible with the way things go up on display. Whewwww! Feels good already. Thanks.

dmasse said...

These immediately brought to mind a project I did last year with my 3rd graders. Scroll down the link below for the target install at our art show:) It was inspired by the work of Matt W Moore. I wrote about the project earlier in the year if you want some background. I just submitted an article about it to arts & activities.
I love collaborative installs. I do a couple each year:)