January 6, 2014

An Art Teachers Mantel

As an art teacher my mantel is an ever changing tableaux of holiday decor. If I ever forget what is coming next, I simply look up at my mantel. Each year I add new celebrations, traditionally I do Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and a few different Summer Fun themes.

So here's what I did with the hearts we folded on the last post.

I cut out some shapes from Stella's watercolor that seemed to resemble hearts and framed them. 


Mrs. C said...

So pretty! I love Stella's hearts! :)

Unknown said...

LOVE those hearts. I think I see a weekend painting session in my daughters future!

cassie stephens said...

Love the framed torn paper hearts! And the all white, so classic and pretty, thanks for sharing...love sneak peaks into art teachers homes. But I'm kinda nosy like that ;)