December 23, 2013

Canned Food Tree!

I have to share this with you! This is a tree made entirely out of canned food (looks like an advertisement for GOYA!) by me and a few teachers at our school. The kids donated all the canned food, many carrying it in their backpacks, walking to school, all to give to other kids. The idea came from our amazing reading teacher and a book. The kids were excited about the idea when they read about can sculptures in this guided reading books. So we decided to try it!

Now that we know what we are doing, we will definitely start this in November next year and have a lot more student participation. The kids loved seeing their teachers build during their lunch period and were awestruck when we lit it up with Christmas lights. Fun was had by all! One of my secret (or not so secret anymore) wishes is to one day in the distant future teach high school. This would be an amazing sculpture project for a group don't you think!

Our canned food tree on the stage of the "cafetorium"

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