January 24, 2013

Linguine Towers

You know I'm all about peace building through the arts. I can't think of a better way to "build" communication skills then 5 pieces of linguine and a ball of play dough.

 Using five pieces of linguine and Play Dough students had to build a LINGUINE TOWER in twenty minutes. I challenged them to see who could make the tallest one. Some of the best structures got "overworked" and fell down before the final buzzer. We went around as a group and decided which ones were the tallest. We analyzed how they were made to be stabile.

 Next, the students were given twenty minutes and 5 fresh linguines to create a tower using what they learned from their friends successful attempts! I'm glad we had a chance for discussion and a second attempt or we would have left with a lot of frustrated fourth and fifth graders. The results were wonderful but the exercise in communication was even more fabulous. Next I would love a wonderful architecture lesson! Any ideas? Bridges especially, maybe a Monet's garden bridge revamped.

Of course I include the TED talk about the marshmallow challenge, but I think the marshmallow is a little too advanced for my beginning architects.


Anonymous said...

Do you give 5 pieces of linguine per student or group? Because many of these towers look like more than five pieces were used.

Unknown said...

Yes! Five per group for the first try then Five fresh for the second try, BUT I let them keep their broken linguine:) There was no way I was going around confiscating all of the linguine when they wanted to use it. That wasn't the point anyways:) I think a few of the first pics are of the 5 and the later pics are from the second try!