September 3, 2012

Classroom pictures. . . the Art Room!

It is so much fun to see all of the art rooms being posted. I am very lucky to have this great space. I don't know how I'd manage without it. My program has soared with the organization this space allows and the beautiful kiln. I do believe that the space isn't everything, it's more about the teachers you put in the space. But, I have to admit, this space really does improve my instruction. Next I just need an interactive white board, a few cameras for students to create their own blogs and digital art and some student computers!

View from my desk!

Hanging table signs. 
Tables are labeled with laminated color swatches. 

View of the front of the room.
Horse shoe shape to start the year!
My color wheel bulletin board. On the white board are the rules. 

This area is for reading, puzzles and dry erase board work for early finishers. 

WORD wall! Basically when we are learning new vocabulary, it will go on the wall.
Hopefully by the end of the year it will be busting at the seams with vocab.
The carpet with the lines is for assigned seating during carpet time. 

New this year. My broken sink is going to be used as a paintbrush washing station.
More to come on that. 

"Hope I don't have to use 'em desks"
Somehow in every class there are a few who just do better
sitting alone. They usually put themselves in the desks, surprisingly. 

My "personal" space.
A picture of my daughter cards of great meaning, my Teacher of the Year plaque has a home :)
It was sitting in a drawer for a few years.

I painted "THE BEAST" aka my desk white:) shhh
It is primer and I think it is going to go a pretty shade of blue.. 


Katie Morris said...

I love your "WORD!" wall. I might have to steal that. I had a word wall a couple years ago but the masking tape didn't last. I'm supposed to be getting a big bulletin board for an empty wall so I can try a word wall again.

Unknown said...

Hey Erica,

I challenge you to keep your desk that tidy for two months! HA!


Unknown said...

I will keep my desk clean PAT! Mainly because I cleaned out a cabinet behind my desk for overflow:) Keeping the cabinet clean will be another story it's kind of like throwing dirty dishes in the oven before guests come over. . . not that I've ever done that!

Katie do it!