March 9, 2012

Kindergarten Self Portraits

I am really enjoying our Kindergarten classes this time of year~ Something about our Kindergarten teachers is pretty magical. They take this bunch of kids who all talk at once, don't know what a line is, sometimes (most times) don't know what scissors are, and teach them letter by letter how to write their names, word by word how to be a friend, and day by day how to be a learner. The class that had me shaking in my cowboy boots in September is now the light of my day. The Kindergarteners all remind me of Stella for one reason or another, which makes me love them all the more.

Look at how they are keeping their colors seperate!
This is an amazing feat!

This student was not liking her pinkish shirt so she's painting it over with her school uniform BLUE color.

This blonde hair was many many shades before she settled on her natural hair color.
Brown. It might have been from mixing the colors though.

They made their own skin tone with brown and white.
We even put a little on their hands to see if the color looked right.

I see a muppet inspiration here.

This student was being so carefully to wash his brush between colors.
It is exuberant! Just like him.

A little lipstick! Y Terminado


Paintedpaper said...

These are awesome! I know the older my children get the more patient and understanding I become. Being a parent and a teacher makes you really enjoy the kiddos because of your experience.

Principles of Heart said...

I feel the same way about kindergarten this time of year. That age is new to me and they used to terrify me, but I am loving their little voices, their excitement and freedom to explore. Thanks for sharing!

Phyl said...

Aah, they make me smile!!

Joelle said...

Those are so cute! They did a really good job! I love the colors!

Unknown said...

This project makes me smile. I find it so amazing that the kids can keep their colors separate. I do wonder how you explained this assignment. Was it as simple as "today you are going to paint your selves" or was it more of a step by step process. This project is definitely something I want to use, but I am afraid my students would get to frustrated with it.

Unknown said...

hi Alex! first they drew their self portrait, then I enlarged it on the copy machine for the next class. They used mirrors. I demonstrated first and talked about the parts of a face and asked simple questions like hmmm where should my ears go on the oval? Or, How am I going to see, what do I need, what shape are my eyes? Then I give them one color at a time. I suggest just giving them skin tone then having them use oil pastel when it dries for details