February 8, 2012

Fishy Fishy

Something was fishy fishy in the art room today. . . there were erasures stashed in marker containers, paintbrush handles soaking in water, used paper towels in the sink, really? I spent about an hour getting things back to normal (one of my classes was on a field trip) and now everything feels great again. But really, I have a picture example of how the supplies should look and about 100 kids asking me "Mrs. Stinz can I help you!" Please help me. . . so I give them a job, they are done in one minute and . . . is this spring fever? I do have a few really super helpers that keep me from losing my mind, so I hate to count them out.  I am so thankful for them! 

Now that I've ranted and disclosed my organizational woes. . . speaking of fish. . . here are our version of the infamous fish/pinchpots. I made a big deal about making tints (mixing white with their colors) I think the colors look far more fishlike and interesting mixed with white. I would give credit for this project but it's gotten to the point where everyone is doing it and I saw it in an old sculpture book that was collecting dust in the closet. Link up your post if you made them too. I would love to see your version.

STONE FISH! My favorite shhh. ..
This comes from one of those students who insists on mixing the
plate of paint into a giant mess (always making the same shade of brown!)
After she painted it brown I gave her a new plate and helped her mix two colors at a
time and wash the brush. This is what she made. She is sort of my best buddy now.
I am so impressed with her creativity.
We decided it looked like Eric Carle's Stone Fish.
The other kids whispered that it was sloppy but she and I think it is just AMAZING!


Unknown said...

Fishy, fishy...It's goin' around. No matter how much checking I do before I let them out the door of the artroom, someone ALWAYS sneaks out without pushing their chair in, putting all of their supplies away or just leaving scraps of paper or a wadded up paper towel on the floor under their chair! It is absolutely maddening!

Megan Farkas said...

It's the same here too. Driving me crazy!!! I think we all need a snow day (we have had NO snow this year), or spring break. I know I need it too. :)

Mrs. C said...

Our guys have been the same way now for weeks! I've been blaming it on solar flairs and the very large full moon we had this past week!Love your version of the pinch pot! The fish are soo cute!