December 27, 2011

Swanky New Table Signs

My fifth graders made me these table markers. We also made a ton of 3-D white snowflakes for the winter season in the hallways. So we now have a yellow, pink, blue, and green table.

My room looks a little different now too. I pushed the tables together like a big square. Originally so we could work on our big projects but then I left them that way. They used to be in a U formation.
I like to change rearrange furniture every once in a while. It helps me think new. Is this an artist thing, I wonder? Do you change your furniture arrangement during the year?

tried glitter
didn't like it:)

Stella Blue update:
 I will be going back this week to take down old bulletin boards, clean my room, and organize, organize, organize. I'll take a few pics of projects that haven't been sent home yet for you! 
All this is made possible through the generous donation of Nana's babysitting service (hahaha love you ma!) 

How could you say no to this face!

I'll miss you tomorrow Stella.
Stealing time away from time to finish up projects and save my sanity later!


Katie Morris said...

My Art Ed professor was a big advocate of rearranging furniture periodically so students don't get too comfortable in their usual spot. I always thought I would apply his philosophy but I've found that either I don't really have room to move the student tables or it's so hard to find a seating arrangement that separates students who need to be separated that I don't like to start all over!

Unknown said...

I rearrange all the time! It's good for us and the kids. :)

My, oh, my is she a cutie!!

Phyl said...

I also rearrange all the time. Though my desk/computer can't move. My room keeps getting more crowded. A couple of years ago we added a rolling white board/bulletin board, since I have a blackboard in such an inconvenient location I can't use it for teaching. But the white board does always get in the way. This year my room gained an Elmo (document camera) on a cart with a laptop. I'm still learning to use it - the kids are always reminding me to take the lens cap off, or that I can zoom, or whatever, but there is NO good place in the room for it. But still I rearrange. The kids are always intrigued when they come in and "something is different". Sometimes tables have just been rotated 90 degrees and it takes the kids a few minutes to figure out what is different.

Love that photo of Stella with the scrunched up face!

Mrs. Belzer said...

I'm dying to re-arrange my classroom. My tables are super-huge, super-heavy wooden square tables. I have ten of them, two pushed together to create 'five' tables. I would need my custodian to get a cart or truck to lift the tables to get them moved around... I haven't bitten the bullet yet. I'm afraid that I would not like the new arrangement and want it changed and I haven't wanted to risk my relationship with my custodian... yet ;)

Kristina said...

I so wish I could rearrange my room, but I have this obnoxious "island" that nuts out right in the middle of the room and really limits what I can do with my 6 long rectangle tables. Plus, I am almost at 5 kids per table in a lot of my classes so I really need to be able to have the tables spread out so they have as much room to work as possible.

Your daughter is SO cute! How old is she? (just found your blog so i haven't figured it out yet. I have an almost-13-month-old myself, and definitely feel a pulling in 2 directions: her and my classroom.