December 1, 2011

Quick Clay Tip

This is a quick clay tip that has saved me tons of time.

Slip Frappe´ anyone?

I used to make slip by hand. Then a mother gave me a rusty blender and gave me back hours of my life. Now, all I do is put a few pieces of clay in the blender with some water and VOILA! Instant slip that is the perfect consistency. I poor it in these baby food containers with lids and it lasts for weeks and weeks. I refill when necessary. I used to prep it ahead but the kids really love seeing how I do this so I've been making it right in front of them. Nothing like cutting down on prep time and showing the kids how I REALLY work.

Slip making in progress.
Cover your ears this thing is LOUD!

Finished SLIP.

Is this creative or crazy? I'm not sure, but it does work!


Phyl said...

Fabulous. I do use slip with my air dry clay, and I HATE making it. But I have an old blender in my classroom from the time we tried making paper (which I did NOT enjoy) so I think I'll take it out next time we use clay!! Thanks for the share - so simple, why didn't we all think of this?

artteacher said...

I take dried bits of clay and pour water over it and presto... slip. No blender required.

Unknown said...

I will have to try that again! I always had to use my hands.

Brittney said...

That is fantastic!