July 31, 2011

Death of My Digital Life

DEATH OF MY DIGITAL LIFE: For the past few days, I've been coming to terms with the death of my hard drive. I was devastated. Four years with not even a hiccup, then on Tuesday she went fast and sudden.

If you read my blog you might remember me posting about a new camera lens and a dream of being a child portrait photographer. I needed a lens, flash and photoshop to get started. Well I got my new lens and have been loving it! It's a 50mm lens for my Canon Rebel. But, I was afraid to spend money on a new computer (I hate big purchases! I am a TJ Maxx kind of girl!)

A SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE? The passing of my old computer I took as a sign, from GOD, to get a new computer. I went to the Apple store today, literally shaking with excitement, and got a new computer. I thought I'd have to wait and save up some more dough to get Photoshop, but Adobe (the makers of photoshop) apparently LOVE educators. Adobe gives over a thousand dollars worth of software to teachers for around $350! I tried to act really nonchalant and cool when the Mac guy finally handed over the new computer and software to me but I just said "this is the best Christmas ever" and left. After getting over my initial excitement, I realized I couldn't carry this bag with my goods through the mall. Obviously, someone would follow me to my car, hit me over the head and steal my new computer, so I stopped at The Walking Store and got a bag to conceal her. Now here we are! Home safe and sound (thanks to the nice people at The Walking Store.) I am a little sad that I didn't properly back up all the stuff on my old computer but I still have all the important stuff like my wedding pictures and pictures of my dog on a CD and slideshows. So all isn't lost.

REBIRTH! By the way, here are some pics from our photo shoot today! I can't wait to get them in Photoshop! I have to call Adobe tomorrow to confirm I'm a teacher before they will let me use the software.

Don't you just love the new lens! Stella is pretty cute too:)

If you're keeping track I've got one more thing left, a flash. It's coming! I have an idea how I'm going to get it. . . and it involves craigslist.


Marcia Beckett said...

yay for new computers!! Your little girl is very darling!

Mary said...

Beautiful photos of your adorable Stella. Makes me miss the baby days. (My son turns 16 today) :0 Congrats on the next computer!

Paintedpaper said...

Super and Congrats on your second child, (baby mac)! lol. That is what I call mine. Hate having to turn it into school for updates. I received a "newer one a couple of months ago and Love it! Love the photos of little stella she is just so lovable!

Phyl said...

Your little Stella looks like a Gerber baby! So sweet... Is it her or the lens? I think it's her.

When we bought my son's Mac for college and when we replaced it before he graduated, he got the whole Adobe suite as part of his student discount. I'm so jealous.

Last year, they put Photoshop Elements on my computer at school, but who has the time at school to teach themselves to use it? Not once all year.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! She could be the Gerber Baby or something. jan