June 25, 2011

School's Out and So Am I!

I'm OUTTA HERE! Don't worry I'm taking Stella with me.

I'm so excited about my summer I have to share. 

First stop, Nashville, the music city (a lot of great art and public spaces too!) TO DO: Visit the botanical gardens, the Frist Center for Visual Arts and of course listen to live music. We've found out in the past four months that Stella is a genius musician! She sings as good as Bob Dylan. . . so being the supportive mom that I am. . .  I am cultivating her natural talent early. Even got her a pair of felt cowboy boots! Her cousin (and my brothers) also happens to live in Nashville.

Stella "singing" with her cousin.
We'll see how Stella likes flying if she does, we'll be going to San Francisco to visit her "Aunt" my B.F.F. in CA.  But it might be too far for a baby, what do you think?

Then off to Philadelphia to meet up with her daddy. We will be traveling to the Jersey Shore (can I get a fist pump?) to meet up with Grandma and Aunties. Then we come home so I can teach a video class (gotta make some $ for our adventures.) Then back to the Connecticut beaches where mommy *me will take art classes while Stella and Nana go to the beach. Don't worry I'll meet them at the beach after classes.

In the few days in between I'll be *cleaning my classroom, *planting a small shade garden behind my house, *repainting my kitchen, *putting some stuff for "free" on craigslist to make more space in my space. My house is pretty organized because I always start the summer with an end of year staff party. That makes me clean and organize my house from top to bottom before the start of summer so I can play! 

HERE'S TO PLAYING. . . WHAT ARE YOUR SUMMER PLANS? Any must sees in Nashville, Jersey Shore or San Francisco?


Phyl said...

As we say in my art room, HOLY GUACAMOLE!! You sure have a lot planned for the summer - do you expect to be able to get it all in?

Somehow this spring, between the college graduation, moving my son from Rochester to Glens Falls to Boston, and my surgery, we somehow didn't remember to make summer plans.

But here's what I expect to do: swim in the lake, kayak in the marsh, take lots of pictures (including crazy bugs), make jewelry, paint, plan for next year and experiment with new ideas, visit my son in Boston and take him with us to Maine for a few days, eat lots of lobster and whole belly clams, exercise and somehow lose the 10 lbs I seemed to have gained in the last couple of years. Not a single plane ride on the list. Oh and my friend (who's head I henna-ed last year) and I will probably use up our henna on our legs and hands. If it comes out OK I'll take pics.

By the way, I'm about to leave a response to your comment on my blog - so stop by in a bit and see what I've said. You don't need to watch the video again!

Angie said...

Fisk University in Nashville has an O'Keefe collection and a good collection of African-American art.

Shannah said...

Happy Summer!

We are headed to Nashville while museum hopping in TN:) Hatch Show Print is top of our list along with Yee Haw Industries (both printing press shops).

Paintedpaper said...

That Stella is so adorable!!!!! Our plans are visiting state parks and exploring the world of tent camping with our kiddos. I plan on going to various mini destinations and hopefully I become a master chef over the open camp-fire. :)