June 15, 2011

ARTY WEEKEND: Providence BABY! Part Deux

More Providence Baby!

More RISD Museum. . .

Finally we found the new wing of the museum and the exhibit "Cocktail Culture" with all my favorite fashions. I like the 50's best because fashion was made for woman with curves. I am a little obsessed with 50's culture (I know it goes totally against everything you know about me.) I adore my collection of 50's things, from lighting fixtures, movies, side tables, bedroom sets, music, and dresses (not to mention my house which transports you to midcentury.)  Recently I had to say goodbye to my shag carpet because my puppy thought it was grass.

Unfortunately I couldn't take any of my own pictures of the exhibit because Stella decided she was finished with our museum trip.

Off to lunch, a Falafal from East Side Pocket on Thayer Street. When I was in college the guys used to always throw in some free dessert, not this time though. Truth be told, I never liked those sticky little desserts anyways!

A little more window shopping and people watching (fashion critiquing. . . my favorite Providence activity.) Finally, the day was done. . . but we weren't! We still have a few more places we want to go back and visit like Federal Hill (the best Italian food around), AS220 and the Cable Car for some independent films (going to see a movie. . . that might be better left a memory!)

What a long, beautiful day!

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Phyl said...

Oh, that pic of Nick and Stella is SO sweet! And the felafel looks SO yummy! Wish my Dan would eat more ethnic or vegetarian dishes. He's more a hamburger man, though he does put up with some of my strange concoctions..