June 4, 2011


Don't you love it when a kid says "This was the best day ever!" They said that a few times while making this amazing maze project.

We constructed a maze using these boxes I got for FREE (you can click here to go to that post. )  They didn't quite work as boxes so we ended up using some to make a marble maze (technically a foam ball maze.) I had a small group of students try this during some extra art time we stole while the rest of the school was at the spring concert (don't worry they went to the afternoon concert and there was a lockdown drill during the concert anyways. . .no harm done.) It was so fun and easy we are going to share it with the rest of the class and grade level. I think I might make some criteria to make this into more of a "lesson". For example, use and identify at least 5 lines in your maze? Or we could look at the designs for skate parks and talk about architecture with form and function. . . do you have any ideas of how I could incorporate some art standards here? I am always trying to elevate the most simple lesson.

Here are my fourth graders hard at work. 

Simple clear tape worked best.

This is the Eiffel Tower if you haven't guessed.

In progress. . . 

Trying the maze with FOAM balls because Mrs. Stinz (me) is afraid of marbles getting into the hands (or throats) of younger brothers or sisters. Yes I know I'm paranoid!

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