May 31, 2011

Shaded Shoes. . . and the sock hop.

Every year I love to do a project inspired by one of my favorite things, SHOES! Especially sneakers. This year I brought in some of my own shoes, high heels and converse mostly and asked students to take off their shoes if they wanted to draw them or if their friend wanted to. So we had a lot of inspiration.

Not to mention, who doesn't like taking their shoe off in class and hopping to the pencil sharpener? The sock hop is part of the whole experience (I always pray there isn't a fire drill this day!)

This year, our annual shoe project was all about contour drawing and shading. We practiced using a new medium, charcoal pencils. Here's just a few. . .


Unknown said...

I'm remembering a shoe project done by Phyl. I can't find it on her blog... Do you know what I'm talking about? Can u link me up? Thank you much... Did u sculpt or draw them... Did u have a firedrill? Or maybe that was someone else!

Phyl said...

I couldn't find it either but thought I remembered it too, so I must have written it in a comment on someone's blog where THEY had posted about drawing shoes.

I almost ALWAYS do contour shoes w/my 5th graders, piling shoes on the tables, but not this year. There's a few very big boys whose shoes I would NOT want off their feet in the art room due to serious cleanliness and odor issues. Sad but true.

But we usually do the sock hop also, and I try to do the drawings on rainy days or testing days to avoid those dreaded fire drills. I don't want to get in trouble.

Usually I have the kids do contours with felt-tip pens, so there's no worrying about mistakes, no erasing. Last year we took the shoe drawings and then added imagination, so that the shoes transformed. There was a shoe that became a mountain with little climbers on it, a shoe transformed into a dragon, a shoe-mobile with wheels, a shoe turned into a personal watercraft in a lake, and a shoe that became a snowmobile. Shoes transformed into flowerpots, insects, monsters, the home for the old woman who lived in a shoe, etc.

Several years ago, before I began the altered books, we did an altered shoe project. Every 6th grader brought in an old shoe, and we added to them, transformed them into inventive sculptural pieces, and painted them. Unfortunately I don't have photos of these transformed shoes.

Unknown said...

It's a mystery. . . we'll stumble on it one day

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