May 9, 2011

Lost and Found

Happy Mother's Day! Belated. . .

Kids leave so many things in my room! I think they should just put the schools "Lost and Found" in the art room to save me the trip.

I found this little note left behind from Mother's Day. I was really touched by it and thought I should share.

I don't know who this note belongs to but it reminded me that I belong here.

Everyday I find reminders of what a great job I have. I remember this scrawny, hyper little kid who always needed help starting projects because he had no self confidence. I sat with him and always "got him started." When I was bringing my daughter to daycare, running late, I got annoyed when the stopping guard stopped all lanes of traffic. Crossing the intersection there he was. . . all grown up with his iPod and fake limp. He stared at me. . . I had no idea who he was at first but he knew me. . . then I realized! I saw that little kid was still somewhere there in his eyes. I waved, he smiled and waved.

They leave so many great little things behind. 


MJ said...

This post made me tear up! After a rough start to my week, I had an "Ah ha! Now I remember why I do this!" moment today after school: I had 5 kids from the extended day program in my classroom working on art just for fun and one 3rd grader said to another, "I love the art room. I feel safe here and don't worry about things." Being an Art Teacher is an awesome job, isn't it? :)

Mrs. Hahn said...

Hey Erica, I don't want to bother you but I was wondering if you were able to send your trade to RES. I don't think I have them from you yet, but I could TOTALLY be wrong… I have had a lot of trades this year. Next year I will be more focused. Let me know if I'm a dork and have your trade already.