May 29, 2011

Easy Project You Can Do Tomorrow: Crazy Color Wheels

I know we've all agreed (most of us anyways) that Kindergarten is one of the toughest grades to make good lessons for. This was a hit. For both me and the students. Not a lot of clean up, a lot of creative learning, magical results.

Students used color markers to design their coffee filter. We then sprayed them with water and watched the colors mix. This went very smoothly this year because I regrouped the students and had them bring their coffee filter on a plate to the carpet area. I was able to spray everyone's quickly (remember I only have 1/2 an hour) and they were able to watch the colors blend and share with their friends next to them. Running around to every table to spray them was always a marathon and having the kids spray them was a disaster.  Another solution, if you have the time, is to have the kids paint them with water.

P.S. Don't use black markers because the colors separate and ruins the color mixing lesson. Black markers are a different lesson.

Without further adieu, here they are. . . NEXT WEEK make a real paper plate color wheel and glue these inside (I will cut out the centers of the plate so they can hang with the light shining through)

Even the paper plate underneath is cool!

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