February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Craft!

Speaking of birds. . .

This is an adorable craft my Kindergarteners presented me with before I left for school vacation and maternity leave. Their teacher is amazing and most could read their message all by the themselves.
If the kids are looking for something to do this might be a fun craft to give to grandma or dad.

I hung them from this cool mobile (with clips) that I got from a museum store.
The little rosebuds are recycled from a wreath that had seen better days.

Here are a few I choose for the mobile to decorate Stella's room.
Isn't that dresser fabulous? It came with the house.
They couldn't get it out of the room and I fell in love with it!

Here is the note inside the wings. . .
"I hope you have a good time with your baby.
Happy Valentines Day. Jeremiah."
I told you they have a great Kindergarten teacher.


Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

These are so cute! I know my little 4 year old would love this! Great idea! Thanks!

Phyl said...

Very sweet!

Are you already on vacation or just maternity leave? Our vacation is next week.

shar said...

They are so sweet :) Hope you have a chance for a great rest before the baby comes.

Unknown said...

Loads of resting going on today even my puppy is starting to like HGTV. I"m watching him from the kitchen right now play with a stick on the ice like Bambi! I am on school break right now and no Stella yet. . . which is great for me because whenever Stella comes that's when my maternity leave starts. So basically you have to give your sick days when everyone is on break anyways and get less time with your little girl. . . Stella you can stay in there a couple more days and we can get some sleep.

Everything is working out for the best. I always thought I was born under a lucky star even when things seem crappy I look back and say Oh Yeah that's why that happened!

Unknown said...

Thanks for thinking of me and Stella everyone! I can't wait to show her off to you all.