February 2, 2011

Nesting: The Hallway

Most girls dream about becoming a princess, not me, I dreamed of the castle. (I realize this is not your typical artist.) But besides art, I have an obsession with real estate and design. My first experience with real estate was my dollhouse (I loved designing it but hated dolls), as a kid I loved to on showings and to open houses with my mom (she's a Realtor), and when I was a teenager a whole network devoted to real estate called HGTV took over our television. So buying this house in the community where I get to teach art all day means everything to me. Some pregnant woman nest for nine months, but I have been nesting in this house for three years! Now that the baby's coming many of our projects are being completed (nothing like a deadline), I want to take a little time to celebrate our hard work! 

Sometimes I get a little too gung ho about doing projects. It's my best quality and also my worst! Here is one that I started at three months pregnant. . . I decided to strip the wall paper in our hallway! Only to find mold under it. Not to be defeated, I ran to home depot to buy a $100 ventilation mask and started scrubbing. When Nick, my husband, got back from his job at midnight (he's a cook) I must've been a sight. Wallpaper all around, a Darth Vader looking and sounding mask on and going on five hours of scrubbing glue off of the walls. I broke down in tears and he helped me finish scrubbing all the high parts I couldn't reach without getting on a ladder.

This is what the wall looked like after I pulled down all the wallpaper.
The middle is where I started scrubbing.

I tried to use my dress steamer but a hot washcloth did the trick.

Painted the trim and Nick took the doors off to be painted!

We love our block window (very vintage) but it needed a coat of paint too.

After I prepped and primed everything inch of that hallway I ran out of steam.
Not to mention the Darth Vador mask (that keeps out the fumes) is very uncomfortable!
I hired a friend to paint a beautiful taupe on the walls.

View from our living room.
This wall is craving something beautiful!
Maybe a reflective mirror? Family photos?
Any suggestions? 

We painted the attic fan too and nick installed a new smoke detector!
Guess he's nesting too!

My favorite, the jewelry, beautiful hardware!
I'm a door knob snob. 
So there is the first sneak peak of my nesting posts. Thanks for humoring me while I take a little time to put down the paintbrush, broom or bucket celebrate this hard work. 


Phyl said...

Brings back memories. My husband is the renovator in our house. But with the baby due and the room torn apart, I hired someone at the last minute to come in and do most of the room in one day! I was afraid there'd be no nursery! Now, the nursery wallpaper is long gone and the little room is my husband's office, but it's the only room in the house that ever got done that fast!

Unknown said...

That is so sweet. It's so cool that you were able to keep the same house. I have a friend whose parents are still together living in their childhood house and it is very comforting for all of us. They definitely have something special.

Theodore J Baker said...

Nice Job, keep up the good work
Ted Baker